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Why do we age?

Many of the degenerative disorder we associate with aging including cancer, hardening of the arteries are not inevitable results of aging, but rather due to the breakdown of nuclei acids, proteins, cells structure caused by the presents of free radical. Meanwhile, external factors such as pollution, radiation, free radicals, toxins, malnutrition and stress also suppress the renewal of cells, thus causing us to age at a faster pace. However, while we cannot stop aging from occurring, we can fight it.



Growing old is not an illness, but the passing of years do make the body more vulnerable to disease. Our genes dictate that the body’s cell stop dividing after 30 to 40 times. New cells must be able to replace those that die, a process, as we know that slow down with age. In addition, cells are subject to premature death and damage. When there is no longer enough cells to replace the ones that have died or suffered damaged, the result is aging.


What is Aging?

At its simplest, aging is the process of growing old. Our body relies on renewal of cells throughout our lives. As we grow older, the cells in our body start to renew at a slower rate and thus does not produce as many new cells to replenish old damaged cells. Over time, the body system is less efficient as it is functioning on more damaged cells which grew older.


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